Pärnu Comedy Festival…RIP, again

We had to cancel to Pärnu Comedy Festival. It broke my heart, but we were facing way too many obstacles and unknowns. Louis and I talked in Tallinn last week about how every show we’ve put on so far has been strategic, well-planned, and basically designed to succeed. This show wouldn’t have been any of those things: we didn’t have chairs secured, the bar in the venue was a giant question mark, we didn’t know how we’d be able to publicize the show, and the demographics weren’t working out. Our target audience is young, English-speaking people — Hansadays’ target audience is old German people.

So we called the show. I went back and forth on it for a while, but I’m convinced we made the right decision now. We need organic growth for this comedy movement and the Pärnu show seemed too forced. We’re not there yet.

One of the reasons I was so gung-ho about putting the show on in the first place was because I thought I might be leaving Estonia after Jaanipäev. But I’ve accepted a job in Tallinn starting in July, so I’ll be around for at least another year.


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