Möku show, Tallinn, Pärnu

The Möku show last night was fairly successful. I arrived at Möku straight from the library (after a full day of thesis work) at about 7:30pm and wasn’t really in the mood for stand-up. Andrei and Stew were already there and we worked through the line-up: Andrei, Stew’s niece, Edvin, Stew, and then me. We also had someone take us up on our ‘open mic’ offer, albeit with a 15-minute set in Estonian. I told him he could perform if he cut the set down to 3 minutes and did it in English. A compromise was reached.

A few minutes before the show started, Kristjan — the guy who dressed up in the Villem costume throughout Student Days — arrived at Möku ready to perform. I had emailed him a few weeks ago asking him if he was interested and forgot that he said he ‘might’ come. We were happy to have him. The show ended being three first-timers plus the open mic guy (and all of them are Estonians, to boot), which is exciting. Hopefully we can schedule another night at Möku next month.

The June 10th show at Drink Baar in Tallinn is now the June 9th show at Drink Baar in Tallinn, and the line-up is massive and of the highest quality. I kind of wish we were performing in a more appropriate venue because I feel like the comedians that are coming over from Helsinki for this show deserve a more attentive / obedient audience than they’re likely to receive at a bar. That’s not to say that the last Drink Baar show didn’t go well — it did — but bar shows always feel amateurish to me.

Louis might be confirming the venue for the Pärnu festival today, which will mean we have less than a month to promote. I’m confident that we can fill the room given the dates, since they’re over the Hansadays festival. We budgeted the shows to break even at 150 tickets per night. I’m not sure how many people can fit in the venue we’re (hopefully) using, but the pictures made it seem pretty big. If we could squeeze 180 people in Vilde, I’m confident that we can get 150 into a nightclub.


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