Helsinki show, death of the Pärnu show, more Tallinn

The Helsinki show was a blast. I took the 10am ferry from Tallinn and landed at just about 11:30. I was able to sleep over most of the bus ride and for the majority of the ferry ride. Louis was MIA until about 3pm (he messaged me at about 2: “Sorry man have good excuse”. His excuse was pretty good) and we met up near the harbor for some coffee before checking into the hotel.

The show was in a relatively posh looking building downtown. The space seemed kind of small at first, but we managed to pack it full of about 70 people. I went on second, after Phil. The majority of my set (probably 60%) came from my Tartu Comedy Festival set, but I had 3 or 4 new jokes to tell that I had come up with over the days leading up to the show. I completely re-arranged my set after arriving in Helsinki because I decided to open with something that I was sure would get laughs. Then I decided to add some old stuff in because the flow worked well. I filled the middle with some new jokes about Brits (which did very well — hatred for the Brits is universal), my travel jokes (which always do well), a new Twitter joke (didn’t get huge laughs but needs work. I’ll tell it on Tuesday), and a new joke that did really well. I was nervous about ending on a new joke but I had a lot of confidence in it.

I’d say that the Helsinki show fell somewhere between the Tartu shows and the last Drink Baar show in terms of audience reception. There were a ton of great comedians at the Helsinki show (with one dark spot) and I think the crowd all left thinking they had gotten their €8 worth.

After the show Phil, Louis, and I had dinner with some others. Louis and I basically agreed to shelve the Pärnu show for the time being. I’m not happy about it, but we can’t really make it worth our while with only one performance, and the other venues available to us in Pärnu aren’t suitable for comedy. In the near-term future, I’ve got a show in Tallinn on the 10th and then a show in Sweden in July at some point, as well as the Möku show next Tuesday.

The next morning I caught the 10am ferry back to Tallinn and grabbed some lunch at the Kaubamaja before my job interview. The interview went well but was apparently just one more step in a very lengthy process. I’m not too optimistic about my employment prospects as a foreigner after my last experience, but I would really like to work for this company and I think the job sounds appealing. I should know more next week.

For some inexplicable reason the price of plane tickets between London and Houston (round-trip) in August decreased to $600 between when I checked last a few days ago and this morning. I’m tempted to buy one in case they go back up, but I really can’t take a bet with $600. I’m not sure if I’ll definitely be going back to Texas this summer since the job situation isn’t settled yet. If I start a job in July, I don’t think it’d be good form to ask for two weeks of vacation the next month (although 75% is probably higher than my productivity rate at my last job). Everything is sort of up in the air in that respect at this point, although I may have to make some quick decisions next month once my thesis is over. If I don’t have a place sorted out in Tallinn and I don’t have any prospects for employment, I don’t see much sense in sticking around.


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