I’m headed to Helsinki tomorrow to do stand-up. I’m taking the 10am ferry out of Tallinn (5am wake-up time) to try to get there by noon to hang out with Louis. We’ve got a hotel booked for the night, and I’m back on the 10am ferry on Thursday to get to Tallinn for a 2pm job interview. At some point over the next two days I need to buy a respectable-looking pair of khakis and a shirt to wear to the interview so I don’t look like a complete student slob.

Pärnu comedy festival continues to be plagued by drama. We should know if it’s going to come together or not at some point next week. Other than that, we’ve got a show at Drink Baar again on June 10th and it looks like I’m headed to Sweden for a stand-up show in July. And we’ve got the Möku show coming up on May 25th — only 6 days before the thesis is due! I’ve got some new jokes to tell tomorrow that’ll make their Estonian debut next week if they get laughs. I’ve got high expectations for one, it might become a mainstay of my set. I tested another out on the improv class last night but it didn’t get much a reaction.

Was in Tallinn this past weekend with a friend of mine from Prague. Our Finnish buddies from the Prague program took the ferry down and joined us for the day, and then my friend and I stayed up all night so he could catch his 8am flight. That basically took me out of commission for Sunday and didn’t give me a lot of time to prepare for my thesis pre-defense, which I subsequently bombed.

I’m holding out hope that a room to rent in Tallinn over the summer surfaces, but I’m not overly optimistic. I’ve got one lead at the moment but I’m not confident that it’ll come through.


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