Pärnu comedy festival

The Pärnu comedy festival is tentatively in the works. The dates are going to be June 25th and June 26th at the Kuursaal pub in Pärnu. The pub is apparently the largest in Estonia and is located right next to the beach. We don’t have a line-up finalized, but it’ll probably look pretty similar to the Tartu Comedy Festival, with the possible addition of a few new comedians from around the Nordic countries.

Andrei and I took a trip up to Pärnu on Saturday to meet with the owner / manager of the Kuursaal. He was really excited about us holding the festival there and agreed to give us the dates on the spot. We were actually gunning for mid-July, but he let us know that these dates in June are when the Hansa Days festival will take place, which will bring in a pretty large audience from across Scandinavia / elsewhere. The max capacity of the hall itself is 600+, with seating for an additional few hundred people outside on the patio.

Our plan at the moment is to hold the two shows at night with a day show on the 26th in their outdoor arena venue. This is all taking place just after Jaanipäev (June 23rd). I’m not quite sure where I’ll be for that; I may spend it in Pärnu just so that I don’t need to catch a bus the next day. My lease in Tartu actually ends on the 23rd, so I’ll need to figure something out pretty quickly.

Other than that, we’ve got a show at Drink Baar in Tallinn on the 10th of June and, hopefully, another show in Tallinn just before the Pärnu festival.


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